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Overseeing and administering ECDC’s substantial property portfolio, ECDC’s Property Management Unit strives to provide suitable industrial and commercial premises in the Eastern Cape at affordable rates.

When it is in the interests of the corporation, ECDC will consider selling its property to the investor.

The Property Management Unit offers small to medium enterprises suitable premises at affordable rates through its diverse property portfolio.

Over the years, the unit has provided business premises to the general public, business people and government departments who want to initiate projects. Much as manufacturing is the most preferred activity, premises have also been allocated for warehousing and general business.


While the focus is on small, medium, micro enterprise or labour intensive entities. ECDC offers through the Property Management and Development unit, the following suit of services:

  • Facilitate commercial and industrial activity;

  • Assist new investors who may be looking for suitable premises;

  • Facilitate SMME development, particularly in underdeveloped areas.


The substantial property portfolio makes ECDC one of the biggest property owners in the province with residential, commercial, manufacturing and warehousing space in:

  • Dimbaza and Fort Jackson (near East London and King William’s Town)

  • Butterworth

  • Mthatha.

ECDC is currently offloading its stand-alone residential property portfolio and qualifying individuals are encouraged and persuaded to take up this once in a lifetime property ownership opportunity.

It is also facilitating strategic alliances regarding multi-tenanted residential complexes so as to maximise revenue and minimise costs connected to their administration.

As much as manufacturing is the most preferred activity premises have also been allocated for warehousing and general business. In addition, ECDC has a range of industrial and commercial properties in rural towns that are situated in the former Transkei and Ciskei.

It also has vast pockets of vacant land zoned for residential and commercial purposes.


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The ECDC manages  civil, roads, building, housing and property development projects, which  are delivered in partnerships with public and private businesses. 


We provide and facilitate the provision of accommodation and integrated property management services, optimal utilisation of immovable assets, land valuation, maintenance of fixed asset register, payment of property rates and integrated service delivery.



Our journey with our clients is one of constant improvement that is focused on service delivery excellence and innovation that can deliver intelligent savings for our customers  through maintenance of our residential and commercial building structure interior and exterior.  


We optimise rental income by reducing vacancy rates,  streamlined internal collection processes, outsourcing of debt collection recoveries, strict eviction protocols, strict tenant verification, and recoveries of utilities