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ECDC Market Access Fund

about the fund

The Export Market Access Fund is aimed at providing export funding to export ready local companies; assisting with packaging and positioning of local products and services for export markets; addressing various technical needs and challenges relating to international market access faced by local companies; positioning of the Eastern Cape Province as a reliable source market for exports as well as stimulating job creation through increased exports.

Funding Criteria

Priority will be given to companies operating in the high potential and sub-sectors identified in the Eastern Cape PEDS documents, such as:

  • Agri-industry

  • Sustainable Energy

  • Ocean Economy

  • Automotive

  • Light Manufacturing

  • Tourism


Mandatory Requirements

All applying entities should:

  • Be a registered legal entity

  • Be involved in exploring new international markets or expanding in existing markets.

  • Have a product or service that is compliant with relevant national standards

  • Be tax compliant

  • Have products that are produced in the Eastern Cape

  • Have a product or service with significant national presence (available in more than two provinces nationally)

  • Have traded locally for at least two years and with 12 months financial statements

  • Indicate that the business will make significant contribution towards increasing the rand value of exports from the Eastern Cape


Qualifying Expenditure


The Export Market Access Fund is limited to the following qualifying expenditure:

  • Product or service registration with relevant international bodies in export markets

  • International packaging and labelling requirements

  • Specialised shipping requirements for export orders

  • International nutritional analysis

  • Product verification

  • Evidence of an export order or prospective order requiring new label or certification

Submission of Applications

Export Market Access Fund Application Form with the stipulated supporting documents should be submitted to the ECDC Trade Promotion Unit within 8 weeks from the time assistance is required.

Enquiries can be directed to Ms Linda Lubengu at

Application forms can be downloaded from here

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