our core business units

Development finance offerings



Loan products geared towards facilitating efficient cash flow management of clients’ businesses.

  • NEXUS - Trade loan

  • WORKflow - Contractor loan

  • POWERplus - Small loan


The long-term finance offering represents ECDC’s earnest quest for business sustainability, cutting edge innovation, freshness, and vision in the economy of the Eastern Cape.

  • TERMcap - Loan including commercial property finance

  • EQUItrader – Equity finance

Business support offerings

The ECDC employs non-financial support instruments which support the general health, competitiveness and productivity of small businesses.

  • Business advice and counselling

  • Business plan development

  • Mentorship programmes (Enterprise Development Programme)

  • Quality management support 

  • Marketing support & Market Access

  • Intellectual property registration support

  • Business management training

Trade, Investment and Innovation Unit functions within the ECDC with a mandate to promote the province of the Eastern Cape as a destination for investments, trade and tourism. It performs these functions through partnerships with a range of stakeholders including embassies, Investment Promotion Agencies, DEDEAT and its entities, the dti, Municipalities, other SOEs, etc. The unit fulfils the following objectives:

  • Market the Eastern Cape as an investment destination

  • Facilitate foreign and local direct investment into the Eastern Cape

  • Provide aftercare to existing investors (mainly outside the IDZ and Coega)

  • Promote trade and increase exports from the Eastern Cape

  • Stimulate growth in targeted economic sectors

  • Promote and finance economic sector focussed innovation

trade, investment and innovation

properties and infrastructure development

ECDC Property Unit provides leasing and asset management of premises to retail, industrial, commercial and residential properties across the province.


The ECDC uses its property portfolio to respond to the varied socio-economic demands of the Eastern Cape as well as a platform to stimulate investment and trade.

Provides integrated property management services, inclusive of property, asset management, facilities management and project management


The Strategic Projects sub-unit manages infrastructure projects for and on behalf of the province in line with the Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS).