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Senior Manager – Digital Solutions

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East London, South Africa

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5 Year Fixed Term Contract


East London


Senior Manager – Digital Solutions

5 YEAR FIXED TERM CONTRACT - Grade 18 – Total Cost to Company

The role is responsible for leading, directing, and managing the Information and Communication Technology function of the Corporation. The role entails spearheading the implementation of core business and productivity support technologies and systems. The incumbent will be responsible for managing organisation-wide ICT infrastructure, networks, systems and applications support for the Corporation including the InvestSA EC One-Stop-Shop (OSS). The incumbent will be responsible for the effective hosting, technical maintenance and systems and information protection for the ECDC, InvestSA EC OSS and associated operations of the Corporation. The role will provide support to the ECDC efforts relating to digital economy initiatives. The incumbent will also take charge of the identification, acquisition, and maintenance arrangements relating ICT and ICT support infrastructure.


The Key Performance Areas will encompass:

Strategic Planning and Governance

• Provide input to the organisational strategy, as well as reviewing organisational activities and recommend corrective actions if necessary.

• Develop unit operational plans and align all activities undertaken in the unit to ensure delivery of corporate objectives.

• Enhance and implement treasury regulation systems, processes, procedures, tools, and control systems.

• Ensure monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are prepared accurately, maintained, and submitted timeously to all stakeholders.

• Implement controls within the section which minimize potential risk to stakeholders.

• Manage preparation and support of all internal and external audits.

• Participate in management forums within ECDC, contributing expertise to enable sound decision making.

• Facilitate departmental communication through appropriate structures and systems.

• Develop and manage relationships with all internal and external stakeholders.

IT strategic planning, development and implementation

• Envision and deliver technology solutions and services that meet current and future business needs.

• Participate in strategic and operational governance processes of the company as a member of the management team.

• Lead IT strategic and operational planning to achieve business goals by fostering innovation, prioritising IT initiatives, and coordinating the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future IT systems across the organization.

• Develop and maintain an appropriate IT organizational structure that supports the needs of the organization.

• Produce performance reports on strategic activities for submission to the Executive Manager: Corporate Services and Board

• Provide strategic advice to the business pertaining to IT related matters

• Develop the IT implementation plan to facilitate strategy implementation by identifying key activities, deliverables and timeframes for implementation

• Plan and develop measures required to support the roll-out of enterprise finance aligned to operational plans and the ECDC strategy.

IT Management and strategic direction

• Identify opportunities for the appropriate and cost-effective investment of financial resources in IT systems and resources, including staffing, sourcing, and purchasing.

• Assess and communicate risks associated with IT investments.

• Develop, track and control the information and communication technology annual operating budget.

• Direct development and execution of company-wide disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

• Coordinate and facilitate consultation with stakeholders to define business and systems requirements for new technology implementations and deployment.

• Ensure IT system operation adheres to applicable laws and regulations of the country, the city and the company.

• Promote and oversee strategic relationships between internal IT resources and external entities, including government, vendors, and partner organizations.

• Collaborate with the departmental heads to develop and maintain a technology plan that supports organisational needs.

• Collaborate with senior management to recommend and approve procedural and security standards for information and communication technology functions to protect the security of the company data.

• Analyse and improve upon technology standards across the company to maintain a technological and competitive edge within the market.

• Act as primary liaison for the company’s technology vision via regular written and in-person communications with the company’s Board of Directors, Executives, department heads, and end users.

Contract Management and IT Governance

• Manage the contracts of service providers by drafting the correct scope in the contract, identifying service level standards and contract requirements and monitoring compliance with the contract as required

• Manage contractual non-performance by addressing the non-compliance with the service providers, implementing corrective action in line with the contract and taking any necessary steps to resolve the issue or terminate the contract as required

• Develop IT governance policies and frameworks

• Produce performance quarterly reports to the IT Steering Committee and monthly operational reports to the Executive Manager: Corporate Service:

o Identify risk and formulate risk mitigating strategies

o Identity broad risk for the organisation

o Identify specific IT risk

o Formulate strategies to deal with the risk

• Manage the execution of risk mitigation strategies and controls

• Manage the alignment of IT policies and procedures to the legislative framework

Architectural Project Management

• Lead creative approaches to problems solving, as well as the development of quality deliverables, supporting IT Architecture strategic initiatives

• Collaborate with key stakeholders to translate strategic requirements into a usable and living IT architecture that is managed using various artefacts such as technology information models

• Respond to change and lead multiple projects simultaneously with minimal direction

• Server as a thought leader, mentor and advocate of best practices concerning IT architecture and technology

• Provide IT architecture oversight and support to solution delivery teams

• Ensure that all IT architecture design and analysis work is documented and stored appropriately

• Maintain awareness and knowledge of the emerging trends in technology

• Apply learning in the establishment of new innovative technology solutions supporting business needs

• Proactively monitor practical initiatives embarked upon within ECDC which affect IT architecture and technology management, and managing any negative implications

Budget Management of Unit

• Manage, control the capital and operational budget of the Unit to ensure effective and efficient functioning within budgetary constraints of ECDC.

• Evaluate the unit’s performance against the approved budget and addressing deviations/variances.

• Monitor, recommend and implement corrective measures to rectify deviations/acts contrary to budgetary provisions, financial regulations, audit requirements and departmental procedures.

• Authorise requisitions, payments, etc. regarding expenditure as delegated.

• Prepare and present reports detailing the status of expenditure and availability of funds for current and short-term interventions.

• Prepare budget transfer requests and submit for approval.

• Sound planning and forecasting of capital expenditure within area of responsibility.

People Management

• Assign responsibilities and ensure effective task authorisation protocols are in place.

• Implement staff development and training to achieve overall organisational objectives.

• Develop and implement succession plans.

• Adhere to employment equity and recruitment policies.

• Manage the performance of direct and indirect reports in accordance with the ECDC performance management policy and procedure.

• Identify training and development needs, implementing plans to address requirements, as appropriate.

• Manage discipline and absenteeism in accordance with organizational codes and procedures.

• Motivate staff through the implementation of various reward mechanisms."

Customer and Stakeholder Management

• Conduct stakeholder mapping and relationship building sessions for purposes of establishing expectations and feedback on ECDC regional performance.

• Build and lead an effective team that works collaboratively with others toward achieving organisational goals.

• Gauge the performance of various teams and recommend areas that need improvement and changes to achieve the expected targets.

• Identify and facilitate staff development and training interventions to achieve overall organisational objectives.

• Provide exemplary advice and support to the CEO, Board and Senior Management team in relation to stakeholder engagement issues and activities.

• Arrange, attend, and contribute to meetings with key stakeholders and manage expectations.


• A Postgraduate Degree in Information and Communication Technology or related field.

• Minimum of 8 years working experience in an information technology environment of which 5 years at a middle management or senior consultancy level.

This is a fixed term contract position, and the successful candidate will be subjected to signing of a performance contract and verification of qualification. If you have not been contacted within 8 weeks after the closing date of the advertisement, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

In making these appointments, ECDC reserves the right to apply the principles enshrined in the Employment Equity Act, its policies and plans.

Please send your detailed CV and certified copies of qualifications to:

Talent Consultant

Tel: (043) 704 5783


Closing date: 26 September 2023

About the Company

ECDC‘s mandate is to plan, finance, co-ordinate, market, promote and implement development of the Province and its people in the fields of industry, commerce, agriculture, transport and finance.

In pursuit of its mandate, the ECDC has the following strategic thrusts to align to the MTSF, NDP2030 and the Provincial Development Plan, guided by these Strategic Themes: (1) Economic transformation, inclusive growth and competitiveness (2) Customer focused solutions (3) Operational efficiency and financial sustainability (4) Pioneering innovation in the key growth sectors, (5) Attracting and retaining the best talent in the sector.

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