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our core business units

The Eastern Cape Development Corporation ECDC is strategically positioned to drive a growing, diversified, inclusive, and robust Eastern Cape economy; in particular, the development of a competitive and sustainable micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) sector that contributes to the province’s socio-economic development.


The new strategy, ‘ECDC Reimagined’ is centred on refocusing and renewal, leveraging four broad areas:  new development projects and financing instruments, new networks, new ways of working, and new focus.


The ECDC strategic focus areas and resultant business units that are an outcome of the ECDC Reimagined Strategy development process are:

  • Economic Development Coordination and Sector Support

  • Properties and Infrastructure Management Services

  • Rural and Enterprise Finance and Business Support

  • Investment Management, Trade and Investment Promotion

rural and enterprise finance 

The Rural and Enterprise Finance and Business Support Division serve as a catalytic, sustainable provider and aggregator of enterprise finance and business support solutions for the growth and development of competitive small enterprises in identified priority sector industries, including within small towns, rural areas, and townships.


Bridging Loans

Contract / order-based loans for provision of working capital required to execute government or private sector contracts/orders – 1 to 6 months term.

Risk Capital Fund

ECDC has established a pilot Risk Capital Fund (RCF) programme with the objective of promoting the development of innovative businesses ideas/concepts that support the growth of the Eastern Cape economy, contribute towards the creation of sustainable jobs as well as contribute towards the competitiveness of the province.



Job Stimulus Fund

  • The ECDC provides non-repayable financial assistance by way of incentives to any EC based enterprise that show signs of financial distress - saving and creation of jobs at least for a period of 12 months from 5 – 250 jobs with ˃70% being SA citizens.

  • This Fund incorporates a programme focusing on Small Towns, Rural and Township Entrepreneurship Programme (STRTEP) which is intended to support infrastructure upgrades, purchasing of essential equipment, etc., – maximum of R150k ≤ 20% cap for working capital.



Imvaba Coorporative Fund

  • Imvaba targets co-operatives based in EC, it focuses on nine targeted sectors, but the most common type of co-operatives are in primary agriculture such as (potato farmers, beekeepers but also manufacturing of clothes, branding and IT solutions, etc.,)

  • The ECDC provide non-repayable financial incentives ideally for financing start-ups, capital equipment in line with the business requirements of the co-operative.

  • The incentive is capped at R600k per co-operative for up to five years

Business support offerings

The ECDC employs non-financial support instruments which support the general health, competitiveness and productivity of small businesses.

  • Business advice and counselling

  • Business plan development

  • Mentorship programmes (Enterprise Development Programme)

  • Quality management support 

  • Marketing support & Market Access

  • Intellectual property registration support

  • Business management training

Trade, Investment and Innovation Unit functions within the ECDC with a mandate to promote the province of the Eastern Cape as a destination for investments, trade and tourism. It performs these functions through partnerships with a range of stakeholders including embassies, Investment Promotion Agencies, DEDEAT and its entities, the dti, Municipalities, other SOEs, etc. The unit fulfils the following objectives:

  • Market the Eastern Cape as an investment destination

  • Facilitate foreign and local direct investment into the Eastern Cape

  • Provide aftercare to existing investors (mainly outside the IDZ and Coega)

  • Promote trade and increase exports from the Eastern Cape

  • Stimulate growth in targeted economic sectors

  • Promote and finance economic sector focussed innovation


properties and infrastructure development

The ECDC currently has a DIVERSE property portfolio with an estimated value of approximately R1,2 billion consisting of commercial, industrial, and residential property together with tracks of vacant land in Mthatha, Butterworth, Buffalo City and Komani areas.

The Unit has four functional areas:

  • Leasehold Management Incorporates the leasing and tenant management of rental units owned by the   corporation.

  • Asset Management Focuses on ensuring the property assets are valued, protected, accounted for, and developed in an optimum manner.

  • Facilities Management Ensures that property assets are physically maintained, safe and healthy in accordance with company policy that conforms to relevant legislation requirements.

  • The Strategic Project Management Focuses on capital infrastructure project planning, development and implementation on behalf of the corporation, and for its clients through project implementation services.

economic development coordination and  sector support 

The Economic Development Coordination and Sector Support Division advances coherence in the planning, executing, financing, and implementation of economic development projects and infrastructure in the province. It contributes to the following outcomes through its key result areas:


  • A financially viable and sustainable organisation: To engage with government and private sector to secure support and funding for economic development projects and programmes.

  • Enhanced planning and coordination of economic development programmes and projects: To strengthen business development and sector intelligence capabilities, to inform evidence-based decision-making, and to prioritise sectors and industries that stand to better transform the structure of the economy - precision planning and facilitation of economic development projects.

  • A well-governed, agile, and high-performing organisation, through its focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of management processes and systems to enhance performance.

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