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Apply For Funding


Eligibility Criteria: 

Who can apply:

  • ECDC Business Units tasked with development mandates.

  • Public entities pursuing economic development-related initiatives.

  • Local government in relation to economic development initiatives.

  • Government Departments for partnership-based developmental programmes.

Projects, programmes, and initiatives applying for funding shall be considered on the basis of:

  • Being commercially sound (economic and financial feasibility confirmed) with private sector participation (confirmed by the time of funding).

  • Employing resource mobilisation and leverage (commitment independently confirmed).

  • Being private sector led and/or initiated. These programmes and projects shall access the fund through motivations screened and submitted by eligible applicants.

Application process:

  • Funding initiatives may be identified through engagements between the public- and private sectors, industry research, feasibility studies, proposals from the private sector, etc.

  • Eligible applicants are required to screen funding propositions for eligibility and compatibility to EC Economic Development Fund framework requirements.

  • The eligible applicant must submit a formal written funding proposal, along with the completed applicable funding application form for the specific product, addressed to the Fund Manager.

  • The Fund Manager shall acknowledge receipt of all funding applications within a period of 5-7 working days.

  • A period 14-21 days shall be designated to due diligence in which periodic engagements with the applicant shall be undertaken, as well as the completion of the due diligence report.

  • The time taken for due diligence shall be informed by the complexity of the application as well as the extent to which supporting technical information is readily available.

  • Conditional approval shall be granted following consideration by the Funding Approval Committee (FAC) within 7 days of the final committee sitting wherein such approval was granted.

  • Upon satisfaction of approval conditions precedent and conclusion of agreement by parties, the Fund Manager may release funding per the terms of the funding agreement.

  • The turnaround time from date of receipt of application to granting of funding should ideally not exceed a period of 6 weeks, except in instances where extensive due diligence that necessitates extended periods of time is required.

A typical application processing schedule can be seen below














Submission of Applications and Supporting Documentation Required:

  • Covering application memo addressed to fund manager and signed off by unit head in the case of the ECDC or CEO/HoD in the case of external applications.

  • A completed and signed EC EDF funding application form.

  • Funding proposal and/or a detailed framework explaining the nature of project/programme/initiative.

  • Where applicable, a due diligence/opportunity analysis/market study/financial viability study.

Note: Any other documentation required by the Fund Manager will be requested on acknowledgement of receipt of the funding application.

Submissions should be addressed to the Fund Manager at

Submission of Application

The eligible applicant will submit their funding application, together with the required documentation for submission.


  1. Completed Form

  2. Cover letter/memo from designated authority

  3. Proposal/Business Plan/Framework

  4. Pre-research done


The Fund Manager will reply within 5-7 working days, providing an acknowledgement of receipt. 

Any outstanding documentation will be requested by the Fund Manager if necessary.

DUe DILigence

Research and due diligence on the relevant sector, market opportunities, commercial viability (among other areas) will be conducted by the Fund Management and Partnerships Unit within a period of 14-21 days.


A funding assessment (inclusive of all due diligence) shall be submitted to the EC EDF Funding Approval Committee (FAC). The Fund Manager may seek clarity from the applicant/intermediary on one or more aspects of the funding application before submission to FAC. This forms part of the 14-21 day due-diligence, assessment and adjudication period


A final decision on the outcome of the application will be communicated to the applicant within 7 days of the FAC sitting. The communication will include a letter of approval/rejection and funding conditions to be met before disbursement of the first tranche of funding. If rejected, an appeals process can be followed by the applicant for final consideration 

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