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Revitalize Eastern Cape industrial parks to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and create sustainable employment opportunities through strategic infrastructure upgrades, technology innovations, and collaborative efforts.


To transform Eastern Cape industrial parks into innovative hubs and economic activity through infrastructure upgrades, technology innovations, and collaborative efforts, with the aim to create a dynamic ecosystem that attracts diverse industries, fosters job creation, and propels the region towards sustainable economic growth.

Our Parks

1. Dimbaza Industrial Park

The Dimbaza IP is situated in Buffalo City Metro and extends over 156 hectares, is in the middle of Dimbaza Township and 20 kilometres from King Williams Town (Qonce). It was established in 1982 with over 20 factory sheds. It is a (i) light manufacturing hub with little heavy industrial operations, (ii) proximity to East London Port, (iii) access to domestic airport, and (iv) factory sheds available for renting.

2. Fort Jackson Industrial Park

The Fort Jackson IP is also situated in Buffalo City Metro, 23 kilometres from East London in Mdantsane with warehouses ranging from 278 square meters to 6904 square meters. It was established in 1982, one of the active industrial zones within the city and a home to several top businesses. It is near commercial nodes that are in the metro and has good access to major roadways and highways as well as the East London IDZ. The park has factory sheds available for renting.

3. Butterworth Industrial Park

The Butterworth IP is situated within the Town of Butterworth in the Mnquma Local Municipality which comprises of Centane and Nqamakwe as two villages within the Local Municipality. It was established in 1982. It is a gateway to the Wild Coast and is located on the N2, resulting in the demand for industrial and commercial space ranging from medium to high due to being a major retail center and gateway to bigger cities along the national road.

Butterworth in 1989 experienced industrial growth due to an industrial decentralization strategy making Butterworth the center of industrial activity in the former Transkei, resulting in manufacturing firms being distributed across three main industrial areas around the town. The total footprint of Butterworth’s three industrial areas is approximately 1.0 million m². There are 111 firms operating across the three industrial areas and all three have factory sheds available for renting.

4. Vulindlela Heights Industrial Park

The Vulindlela Heights IP is within the Town of Mthatha in the King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality which has livestock and agriculture as the primary activity. It is an operational multi-sector industry that has factory sheds available for renting.

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