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What we offer

Business Support sub-unit forms the backbone of enterprise development ecosystems which ensures sustainability of businesses. The sub-unit is an integral part of the Rural, Enterprise Finance and Business Support unit. It provides pre-investment and post investment support. Pre-investment support ensures that businesses are ready for finance and post investment provides aftercare support. The sub-unit also supports and drives businesses towards market readiness.


Business Support ensures that when entrepreneurs receive finance, their enterprises are well managed and poised for long-term growth. This is achieved through ongoing support in the form of mentorship, market access opportunities as well as business and financial management. ECDC's non-financial support package is based on provision of sophisticated solutions and best practice business support services aimed at building competitive enterprises and improving their performance. Business Support therefore offers both strategic and operational services to small businesses directed at equipping them to perform to their full potential. The envisaged impact is increased profitability and improved management processes that enhance the long-term viability of businesses.


The objectives of the Business Support unit are to:

  • Promote a culture of entrepreneurship,

  • Improve business competitiveness,

  • Facilitate access to markets, 

  • Provide education, capacity building and training to MSMEs.


The Business Support sub-unit assists businesses to perform to their full potential by providing:

  1. Business linkages and networks that strengthen the MSME sector.

  2. A range of non-financial services which are sector-specific and demand-led

These include:

  • Business advisory services and business counselling

  • Business plan development

  • Feasibility studies

  • Due diligence

  • Business valuation

  • Marketing support – provision of marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers, signage, websites, digital marketing assistance.

  • Mentorship and coaching

  • Quality management support

  • Intellectual property registration support and management

  • Training and capacity building 


The Business Support sub-unit provides development and support to all businesses with a focus on:

  • Creative industries

  • Tourism

  • Manufacturing

  • Information and communication technology (ICT)

  • Agriculture and agro processing

  • Renewable energy

  • Services and retail.

  • Oceans economy


Companies qualify for support if their initiatives:

  • Demonstrate economic merit/potential

  • Owner should be full time in the business

  • Contribute towards job creation

  • Contribute towards empowerment

  • Support small town, township and rural development

  • Have potential for exporting

  • Involve township development

  • Are legally compliant.

Supporting documentation required:

  • Certified copies of ID documents and/or marriage certificate (where applicable)

  • Business registration documents

  • Lease agreement, deed of sale, proof of ownership and contractual documents

  • Franchise agreement (if any)

  • Tax clearance certificate

  • Proof of residential address.


The application process entails a complete diagnosis of the business which aims to identify areas that need attention as well as areas of success that need focus.

Up on approval, the business owner will be required to:

  • Sign an agreement

  • Pay co-contribution

  • Provide required information and participate actively in the process, ensuring ownership of the product/service.

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