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Institutional Support Partnership Expression of Interest

Invitation for Expression of Interest for an Institutional Support Partnership

The Eastern Cape Development Corporation's (ECDC) mandate entails provision of economic development coordination and sector support, enterprise finance and business support to Eastern Cape based SMMEs. To advance the above objectives, the need for coordination of the Eastern Cape farmers/producers as agribusinesses, particularly those falling under the previously disadvantaged groups is key. The ECDC thus sees the role of farmers' associations as key in coordinating both established and emerging producers. In line with its agriculture business development and support mandate, the ECDC wishes to partner with a broad-based farmer’s association whose members are predominantly constituted by the previously disadvantaged individuals, with a view to strengthening coordination and support for the developing sector which is largely informal.

The ECDC intends availing financial support to the selected qualifying farmer’s association over a three-year period amounting to R180 000 (One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Rands) per annum, for a period of  three (3) years. Subject to resource availability, the availed support may be adjusted on an annual basis. The support provided is meant to strengthen institutional capabilities of the beneficiary associations for improved member coordination and support. The financial assistance will thus help subsidise the operations of the association to build their capacity in order to play a more effective role in coordinating, supporting and empowering the developing farmers including the informal sector players towards full commercialisation.

In line with the above, the ECDC invites an expression of interest (EOI) from established famer’s associations who meet the criterion set – out below to enter into an institutional support partnership for the period 2024/25 to 2026/27 financial years.

Farmer’s Associations that meet the following criteria should respond to the invitation for expression of interest for the institutional support partnership by or before 14 November 2023:

​a) The farmer association must be a membership-based organisation.

b) Membership of the farmer association must be broad-based with most members constituting of previously disadvantaged individuals.

c) The association must be registered as a legal entity (not-for-profit company / non-profit organisation / trust) with the relevant statutory body.

d) The association must be active/operate/have a footprint in the in Eastern Cape province.

e) Membership must be across all the Districts and Metros of the Province.

f) The association must have its membership operating across commodities.

g) The association must be over 5 years in operation.

To express an interest for the partnership, associations are to submit the following documentation addressed to the ECDC Manufacturing and Agro-processing: Mr Akho Skenjana at or Siphokuhle Peter at by or before 14 November 2023.

  1. A partnership proposal providing details indicated in (a) to (g) above, as well as details of the duly appointed office bearers.

  2. Proof of association registration

  3. Proof of association operations in the Eastern Cape (i.e Lease agreement or similar)

  4. List of members - i.e farmer/enterprise name, owner demographics, registration number (if available), commodity & location

  5. Proof of operating address

  6. Proof of bank account


Nothing in this notice or in the actions of ECDC, its board of directors, agents or employees must be construed as creating any expectation, legitimate or otherwise regarding matters dealt with in this notice.

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