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Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)



The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA) is a legislation in the Republic of South Africa allowing access to any information held by the State, and any information held by private bodies that is required for the exercise and protection of any rights. It applies specifically to South Africa, but is part of the global drive towards freedom of information. The Act is enforced by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

Section 32(1)(a) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, determines that everyone has a right of access to any information held by the State.  Section 32(2) of the Constitution provides for the enactment of national legislation to give effect to this fundamental right.  PAIA is the national legislation contemplated in section 32(2) of the Constitution.

Section 9 of PAIA recognises that the right of access to information is subject to certain justifiable limitations aimed at, amongst others:


(a)     the reasonable protection of privacy;
(b)     commercial confidentiality;
(c)     effective, efficient and good governance.

ECDC PAIA resources and documents can be downloaded below:

1. Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) 

2. ECDC Promotion of Access to Information Manual

3. PAIA Request Form

4. Request for Access to Record [Regulation 7]- Public & Private Bodies.

5. Outcome of request and of fees payable [Regulation 8]- Public & Private Bodies.

6. Internal Appeal Form [Regulation 9]- Public Bodies only.

7. PAIA Guide (Xhosa)

8. PAIA Guide (Sotho)

9. PAIA Guide (Afrikaans)

10. PAIA Guide (English)

11. PAIA Form 1 Request for a Copy of the Guide

12. PAIA Form 2 Request for Access to Record

13. PAIA Form 3 Outcome of Request and of Fees Payable

14. PAIA Form 4 Internal Appeal Form

15. PAIA Form 5 Request for a Copy of the Guide Complaint Form

16. PAIA Section 15 Notices

17. POPIA Form 1 Objection to the Processing of Personal Information

18. POPIA Form 2 Request for Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

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