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Funding and Incentives Programmes

funding programmes


The Eastern Cape Provincial Government in response to its economic development challenges, has established the Economic Development Fund, with the ECDC nominated as the implementing agency. The EC EDF is an instrument that is geared towards the activation of industrial development and economic growth which in the medium- to long term is expected to yield financial, economic, and developmental returns.

risk capital fund 

ECDC has established a pilot Risk Capital Fund (RCF) programme with the objective of promoting the development of innovative businesses ideas/concepts that support the growth of the Eastern Cape economy, contribute towards the creation of sustainable jobs as well as contribute towards the competitiveness of the province. The fund shall be reviewed after an initial period of 12 months.

Export Market Access Fund

The Export Market Access Fund is aimed at providing export funding to export ready local companies; assisting with packaging and positioning of local products and services for export markets; addressing various technical needs and challenges relating to international market access faced by local companies; positioning of the Eastern Cape Province as a reliable source market for exports as well as stimulating job creation through increased exports.

incentive programmes

job stimulus fund 

The Jobs Stimulus fund, in its current form, provides support to distressed businesses operating in key sectors as outlined in the PEDS, to ensure the retention of employment by affected businesses. The fund provides a once off incentive of R10 000.00 per job to distressed businesses, with a minimum requirement being the retention of 10 jobs.

imvaba cooperative fund

The main focus of the fund is to promote the viability of the cooperative enterprise in the province. It serves as a revolving fund for the support of Primary Co-operatives involved in Manufacturing and Services Sectors. The targeted Sectors include Agri- business (agro-processing), Tourism, ICT, Chemicals, Textile and Clothing, Timber and Forestry, Metals, Business Processing Out-Sourcing, and Arts and Crafts.

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