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Global Digital Trade Expo


Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) – SSAS Pavilion to Global Digital Trade Expo 2024

ECDC invites interested Eastern Cape exporters to apply to participate in the Global Digital Trade Expo 2024, the event is scheduled to take place in Hangzhou, China,  from 25th – 29th  September 2024.

The 3rd Global Digital Trade Expo aims to be the leading platform for global digital traders by hosting various online and offline events. It consists of three main components: exhibitions, conferences, and activities, and includes support for procurement, publicity, and logistics. The primary platform for the expo is the GDTE Online.


The following industries will be taken into consideration for participation:

Technology -  (HealthTech, LegalTech, EdTech, RetailTech, TransportationTech, FinTech, E-commerce, GameTech)

  • Artificial Intelligence (eg drones)

  • CyberTech

·        - Smart Manufacturing

·        - Teleco

·        - BPO

  • Digital marketing services

  • Cloud Computing

  • Software development

ECDC will be seeking SSAS funding from The dtic to showcase at this event, covering the following expenses for companies:

  • Stand Costs

  • Return Flight Expenses

  • Accommodation costs (including breakfast and dinner)

  • Freight expense for transporting products to the tradeshow

Download the application documents below:

  1. Download the Checklist here

  2. Download the SSAS Agreement Form here

  3. Download the SSAS Declaration by Project Coordinator here

  4. Download the SSAS Individual Application Form here

  5. Download the SSAS Sample Form here

  6. Download the Micro Enterprise Affidavit here

  7. Download the Accountant Letter Sample here

  8. Download the Previous dtic Funding Form here

  9. Download the Export Progress Report Template here

  10. Download the POPIA Form here


The deadline for submission is June 15th, 2024.


For any inquiries or assistance, please contact Linda Lubengu at or Dineo Seeme @

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