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Strategic Projects


ECDC has been entrusted by its Eastern Cape government to manage some of its special functions and projects such as the integrated infrastructure programme and a number of large scale/mega development projects.

Its purpose is to deliver social infrastructure in order to drive social development, create, save or retain jobs, particularly in distressed local businesses as well as established businesses relocated to the Eastern Cape.


This unit provides the following services:

Planning & monitoring

  • Pre-Planning

  • Assessments

  • Prioritisation and standardisation

  • Business cases & IPMP

  • Project briefs & concept design

  • Compliance & monitoring

  • Reporting


Socio-economics & enterprise development deliverables

  • Manage 35% SMME packages

  • Set up and manage SMME database

  • Training & mentoring of SMMEs

  • Local labour management: Placement & recruitment

  • Training: Technical & non-accredited

  • Intern placement and training

Facilities & property management

  • Mechanical & electrical

  • Fire protection & life safety systems

  • Building & civil elements

  • External services

  • Property & tenant management

  • Specialised services

Industrial PArks Revitalisation Programme​

The Industrial Parks Revitalisation Programme is a means to establish  a conducive environment for the companies to create job opportunities and grow the economy for the Eastern Cape. The development of economic infrastructure promotes economic transformation and the establishment of Black Industrialists in productive sectors of the economy by way of shared value and wealth creation. 

The Primary objectives are:

  • To use the park as a stimulant of economic growth through supporting of SMMEs

  • To build an SMME Zone, such as a Transido-type to accommodate SMME start-ups

  • Make the park an investment destination of choice

  • Provision of opportunities to deserving tenants, prioritizing SMMEs from the region,

  • Devise incentive scheme/s for potential investors,

  • Allocate properties to sustainable businesses (showing growth and intending to employing more of local labour).

Dimbaza Industrial Park

  • Dimbaza Industrial area is located approximately 20 kilometres west of King Williams Town CBD on the R63 road.

  • The industrial area of Dimbaza is located to the middle of Dimbaza residential township, which is the main labour pool in the area.

  • Low cost housing and informal settlements have been built in the West side of the Industrial area and to the eastern side which is an old Dimbaza township.

  • Dimbaza Industrial Park measures approximately 156.0202ha in total land extent.

  • Demand for both commercial and industrial space in Dimbaza is too low; this is due to distance between the area and CBD, followed by quality of accommodation offered (old factory design which does not meet the demands for blue-chip tenants) and lastly security.

  • A positive turn is the affordability of both commercial and Industrial space by many small to medium industrial orientated businesses followed by work force which surrounds the area.

  • In general the area is a light industrial hub with very little heavy industrial operation.

Butterworth Industrial Park

  • Butterworth is the gateway to the Wild Coast and is located on the N2 about 110km from East London and 120km from Mthatha. 

  • It used to be the industrial hub on the Southern side of the former Transkei.

  • It is bordered by the Great Kei River on the south and Mbhashe River on the north.

  • It consists about six townships of various sizes and proportion, about five informal settlements and a relatively large number of rural household villages.

  • Butterworth centres the capital offices of  Mnquma Local Municipality; which comprises of Centane and Nqamakwe as two other villages within the LM.

  • It is approximately 32 995 240 square kilometres and consists of 31 wards

  • Demand for both commercial and industrial space in Butterworth is medium to high due to it being the major retail centre and gateway to bigger cities situated along the national road.

  • Mnquma Local Municipality has a total population of approximately 252 390 people

Vulindlela Heights Industrial Park 

Management structure for Vulindlela Industrial Park has been established, with terms of reference for the Park already developed, approved by the structure (forum) and will make the park an investment destination of choice

  • Finalization of 2nd phase assessment so as to develop master plan, development of a Master Plan which is  underway driven by DEDEAT

  • The MoA for the implementation of Phase 2 revitalization have been signed between ECDC, the dtic and DBSA amounting to R49mil. received from the CIP funding from the dtic.

  • Construction expected to commence early in 2020

  • Electricity upgrade is also underway for the entire Park.

  • Road infrastructure upgrade its been addressed by KSD and OR Tambo DM under infrastructure Department

Queendustria Park


Located in Queenstown, The ECDC is currently refurbishing and strengthening the network and electrical infrastructure at the Queendustria substation. The project consists of installation and commissioning of a new 15MVA transformer and refurbishing the existing 15MVA transformer.

This will increase the energy capacity of the Queendustria substation to 30MVA, subsequently ensure reliable power supply to businesses housed at Queendustria such as the manufacturing company Twizza and the agro-processing factory Crickley Dairy. These businesses are some of the main drivers of job creation in Chris Hani and the ECDC ought to retain them by creating a conducive and sustaining environment for their operations.

Fort Jackson Park 

One of the Traditional industrial area in Buffalo City, located 23 kilometres outside of East London, in Mdantsane with warehouses ranging from 278 square metres to 6904 square meters.   It is one of the active industrial zones within the city and is home to various companies such as:

For more on the Fort Jackson Industrial Park visit the Bufallo City Website

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