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Enterprise Finance and Business Support



The mission of the Enterprise Finance and Business Support Services is to be “the” lead catalytic agent in Development Finance whilst creating sustainable SMMEs through Business Support. The Unit assists SMMEs to attain a level of self-sustainability and have a realistic prospect in accessing funding opportunities from the financial sector based on the identified interventions which would be made available during the operational life-cycle from infancy and/or early stage. This is achieved through:


  • Provision of innovative enterprise development financial services

  • Leveraging of resources, strategic alliances, investment and partnerships and SMME development to boost an inclusive provincial economy


This strategy approach requires:

  • Securing the required capital/ funding;

  • Establishing integrated partnerships with stakeholders to ensure maximum leverage of resources and development outcomes: and

  • Ensuring future sustainability for the Corporation.

Our Critical Functions are:​

Enterprise Finance debt instrument (loans/on-lending) offers possibilities to access funding which can provide a wide array of financing mechanisms.

Offering support through mentorship, marketing, market access as well as business and financial management. There are variety of training programmes offered for SMMEs. 

These are government incentive programmes administered by the ECDC. These are inclusive Job Stimulus Fund and Imvaba Co-operative Fund. 



Promotes the viability of the cooperative enterprise in the province.



Job Stimulus Fund assists distressed
companies with employees who are in the risk of losing their jobs.



Our goal is to enhance cash flow to allow for efficient contract delivery, resulting in financial stability.  

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Mon - Fri: 08h00 -  16h30

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Ocean Terrace Park
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Tel: +27 (0) 43 704 5601/46

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