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The Eastern Cape Development Corporation launches an MSME Virtual Platform

for streamlined crucial business funding and support for SMMEs

The Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) has unveiled a groundbreaking online platform that will transform the way small and medium businesses in the region access vital funding to start or grow their ventures. This innovative system automates the Loan Funding and Business Support processes, offering services online to facilitate easy and efficient access to financial support services by MSMEs.

The integrated virtual platform, designed to enable seamless interaction and application for ECDC products and services, marks a significant milestone in supporting entrepreneurial growth. Through this platform, businesses can now submit their funding applications conveniently from their homes or offices, at their own preferred time, through a user-friendly link on the ECDC Website.

According to the ECDC Enterprise Finance and Business Support Executive Manager Mr Darwin Zinzile Nkonki, "We are excited to introduce this game-changing online platform that will transform the way small and medium businesses access funding. Our goal is to make the process easier and more efficient, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best - growing their businesses and supplying their communities with goods and services as well as creating job opportunities. This platform not only streamlines the application process but also provides training and support to new entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed."

The platform is developed by Finfind, an award winning South African technology company that has invested years of expertise in the development of digital solution specifically geared for the MSMEs market. Finfind’s CEO, Darlene Menzies says “we are proud to be partnering with the ECDC and the Nelson Mandela Innovation iHub, and contribute to the vital work they are doing to support MSMEs in the Eastern Cape.”

Among the exciting services the platform provides, are efficient application processes that fast-track verifications, such as ID and CIPC documents, significantly reducing processing time.

Moreover, the platform extends the ECDC's reach beyond their physical offices, ensuring that entrepreneurs located in remote areas can benefit from their services. In addition to funding, the platform offers comprehensive training for new entrepreneurs, covering essential topics such as company registration and the development of customized business plans.

The initiative is in line with the ECDC's strategic focus that includes economic transformation, inclusive growth, competitiveness, customer-focused solutions, operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and pioneering innovation in key growth sectors.

Issued by the Eastern Cape Development Corporation

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