A PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a system used by radiology practices and hospitals to store, manage and view the digital images created during the various studies.  A PACS also makes the distribution of images and reports more efficient as this occurs digitally, without requiring vast amounts of paper and film. Referring clinicians can view reports and images almost instantly once studies have been completed by the radiologists.


A RIS (Radiological Information System) aids with managing patient details, workflow and report distribution. This system works together with the PACS to improve efficiency and reduce waste by creating a near paperless workflow. Reports are delivered directly to referring clinicians by email.


This increase in efficiency most importantly has advantages for patients as it reduces their waiting time in the practice as they no longer have to wait for results once their examination has been completed. Results are sent directly to referring doctors electronically.


East Coast Radiology is the first practice in Africa to be using the Fuji Synapse 5 PACS. It is a state of the art system that utilizes the latest medical imaging technology to make images available to referring clinicians online without having to download large files. The user interface is very user-friendly, while allowing scope for advanced features and image manipulation.


Patient confidentiality is vital and the Synapse 5 PACS has military grade security features which are also backed up by extra security precautions on the East Coast Radiology network. Only referring clinicians may access images and reports from studies.


User guides for referring clinicians can be found on our Downloads and Forms page.



As of 17 September 2018, we are no longer printing images or reports for general x-rays or routine mammograms. Results will be sent electronically to referring clinicians. 


Any queries regarding the PACS can be directed to or alternatively you can call 043 722 2453 ext. 256 (IT) or ext. 220 (Support Services)