ECDC PEOPLE | Our human capital

Human Resources Management and Administration aims to provide strategic human resources advice and services to ensure ECDC remains an employer of choice.

The department provides integrated HR solutions for ECDC staff and the Board of Directors.

With a passion for quality and customer service excellence, the corporation ensures the availability of the right skills for the right jobs at the right time.

The department ensures the capacitation of employees while looking into the changes and challenges that come with business imperatives, constantly building relationships with stakeholders and finding better ways of improving HR management within ECDC.


  • To develop and administer human resource management policies that are equitable and consistent
  • To facilitate staff buy-in into organisational objectives.


The Human Capital unit offers a complete support service to the corporation including:

Recruitment and retention of skilled staff
When vacancies arise or positions are created the Unit aims to advertise positions, interview and send out letters of appointment within a turnaround period of two months.

ECDC’s recruitment policy involves advertising internally initially and then externally.

Other policies are in line with current labour legislation.

Payroll administration
Administer the payroll, leave, medical aid, provident fund

Performance management
Developing and administering performance management systems

Training and staff development
Training requirements based on needs analysis are largely determined by line managers in consultation with the HR Unit and staff concerned.

The Unit assists in sourcing relevant training.

It aims to access training within the corporation’s geographic location from a principle, cost and practical point of view.

The corporation encourages staff members to upgrade their qualifications and a study subsidy scheme exists and can be accessed providing that the courses better assist employees to meet organisational requirements.

When the corporation contributes to training and studying it requires that employee stay in its employment for a stipulated period thereafter.

Conditions of employment
Respond to staff queries about conditions of employment

Staff health and welfare
The Unit has also established a HIV/Aids Counselling programme in which staff have been trained to offer counselling support to HIV-positive colleagues.

Furthermore the Unit assists with broader issues of staff welfare.

Industrial relations
The department co-ordinates disciplinary and grievance matters for the entire Corporation and ensures that ECDC complies with labour legislation.


In pursuit of its objective to create an enabling environment for optimal staff performance and development the HR Unit has an open door policy.

The Unit handles the following services for and with the business units:
• Recruitment
• Processing leave and unpaid leave with business unit manager’s authorisation
• Payroll administration
• Housing and relocation on behalf of staff who qualify
• Career path planning
• Succession planning
• Conflict resolution
• Job evaluation
• Culture change.

Copies of Conditions of Employment are available from the HR administrator.

The Unit pledges sensitivity, empathy, confidentiality and integrity to its clients who it identifies as ECDC staff in all offices, potential employees and retired members of staff.